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Creating Your Test ScriptLocate this document in the navigation structure


To create a new test script or a new version of an existing test script.


  1. On the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool: Initial Screen, select Test Script.

  2. In the Test script field, enter a name for the script. It must be an alphanumeric string of up to 30 characters (underscores are permitted and it is not case-sensitive).

  3. In Version field of the script, either enter an integer of up to 8 figures or leave the field empty. If you leave this field empty and the script:

    • does not already exist, the version will automatically be set to 1.

    • exists already, you will be offered the next version number higher than the highest existing version number.

  4. Choose Create .

    The test script editor appears.

  5. Choose the Attributes tab and enter the required information (title, package, person responsible, and application component).

  6. Choose Save .

    When you save the script for the first time, a dialog box prompts you to assign it to a package.