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eCATT itself covers the automatic testing in SAP GUI for Windows and SAP GUI for Java. For other GUIs and external applications, eCATT provides an interface for external tools.

You record an external script into its own eCATT test script. This test script can then be called from another eCATT test script.

In order to create, edit, or execute external tests, the corresponding test tool must be installed on the same front-end machine as the SAP GUI in which you are working.

Test scripts that are created with an external tool are stored in the SAP database. All test scripts, whether generated by eCATT itself or with external tools:

  • have the same object type

  • are integrated with the SAP Change and Transport System

  • are stored in the same location.

External Tools Usable with eCATT

An external tool must have been certified against the BC-eCATT interface. Certification should cover the target release as well as the user interface to be tested.


External tools are not part of the SAP installation.


A test script recorded with one version of an external tool may not be compatible with a different version of that tool.

An eCATT test script will always be compatible with eCATT.