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Solution Life Cycle Management (SLCM) provides you with the technology required for the entire life cycle of your solution, from its implementation, through running a live system, to continuous modifications and upgrades.


Solution Life Cycle Management comprises the following key capabilities:



SAP Licenses

This section gives you an overview of the tools that manage your SAP licenses.

SAP Business Continuity

The term "Business Continuity" describes the efforts to ensure that business-critical functions are continually available to customers, vendors, and compabies. The aim is to reduce both unplanned and planned downtimes of an SAP system to a minimum.

For information about Business Continuity in general in SAP environments, see the SAP Business Continuity Guide in SCN at published on SAP site.

SAP NetWeaver Configuration

Here you can find notes on technical configuration steps which may be necessary in your SAP NetWeaver system.


Customizing settings enable you to adapt the non-company specific and industry-specific functions shipped in an SAP system to the specific business requirements of your enterprise.

Security and User Administration

Describes the tools and tasks for maintaining the security configuration and user master data in your system.

Starting and Stopping SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP and Java

Describes how to start and stop SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP, Java, and the add-in installation (ABAP+Java). The procedures assume a central system that consists of a database and a central instance (ABAP, Java) on a single host.

Connecting a Technical System to SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager gives you central access to tools, methods, and preconfigured content that you can use to evaluate and implement your solutions. When your implementation is running, you can use SAP Solution Manager to manage and monitor systems and business processes in your solution landscape, and also to set up and operate your own solution support.

Solution Monitoring

The monitoring features in IT landscapes monitor IT components and processes that run across multiple components. The monitoring results are displayed in a central system. Any problems are displayed as alerts. You can use the relevant analysis methods to go to an appropriate transaction or tool to evaluate the problem.

SAP Host Agent

The SAP Host Agent contains all required elements for central provisioning, monitoring, and controlling of any host, instance, database, or SAP system.

SAP Management Console

With SAP Management Console, you can start, stop and monitor SAP systems and their instances centrally. Unlike SAP MMC, SAP Management Console is a Java applet, which means that you can manage remote systems regardless of platforms with your browser without a local installation.

SAP Microsoft Management Console: Windows

The SAP Microsoft Management Console (SAP MMC) provides a common framework for system management. You can use this to start, stop and monitor SAP systems centrally with Microsoft Windows platforms.

SAP NetWeaver Administrator

SAP NetWeaver Administrator combines the most important administration and monitoring tools for Java systems in a browser-based user interface. The greatest benefits that SAP NetWeaver Administrator provides you are:

  • You can perform administration, troubleshooting, and problem analysis activities of your AS Java without the need to switch between different tools.

  • As an administration tool, it allows you to monitor the performance of your Java system throughout your landscape, to start and stop Java processes, instances and applications, and to check configurations and log files.

  • The user interface adheres to the latest guidelines for interface design, thus allowing simple, rapid and task-oriented navigation. With the use of Web Dynpro, SAP NetWeaver Administrator runs in a browser, thus making client-side installation unnecessary.

System Landscape Directory

The System Landscape Directory is the central information repository for your system landscape. It contains information about all installable and installed components in a system landscape.

Database Administration

Database Administration for SAP HANA

Here you can find more information about routine administration of the databases that are supported by SAP.

You can find further information about routine administration of the SAP HANA database here.

SAP Printing Guide (BC-CCM-PRN)

The SAP Printing Guide describes the functions of the SAP spool system. This system was designed for use on different platforms. To save users from having to deal with operating-system-specific issues, SAP provides its own spool service and a spool database.

SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood

SAP CPS provides you with landscape-wide, event-controlled, and time-controlled job scheduling in real time in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP. It makes it possible for you to automate processes by managing all background processes that affect one or more applications in your whole system landscape.

You can find the documentation for SAP Central Process Scheduling on SCN at

System Copy

If you want to change your operating system, your database, or both, you must perform a system copy. We also recommend that you perform a system copy if you are planning to set up a test system, demo system, or training system.

Backup and Recovery

You need to regularly back up your operating system and database to restore the SAP system, if required.

Software Logistics

You can use the tools and processes in Software Logistics to implement new functions, to copy or migrate existing systems and to support the creation and distribution of changes in your system landscape. You can also update your system landscape in order to ensure smooth operation and upgrade existing scenarios in your landscape to new releases.


Statistics give you an overview of system performance and system load.

Data Archiving

You can use the data archiving functions to archive any completed business transactions that are no longer relevant for your daily operations, and so significantly reduce the load on the database.

ILM Database Store (BC-ILM-STO)

You can use the ILM Database Store to store archive files in a database if you are using the WebDAV interface standard BC-ILM 3.0.

Data Aging (BC-CCM-DAG)

Data Aging allows you to move the data within a database from the hot area to the cold area, to gain working memory. You move the data by specifing a data temperature for this data, which is defined by the application. This affects the visibility during data accesses by the application server (AS ABAP).

Application Log (BC-SRV-BAL)

The application log is a tool that collects messages, exceptions, and errors. This information is organized and displayed in a log.


For information about troubleshooting (problem analysis scenarios) for particular installable software units, see the relevant sections of the documentation.

The SAP Technology Troubleshooting Guide provides a central starting point for all problems and can be found at published on SAP site.


SAP NetWeaver provides you with a full environment for all test phases of ABAP applications and Web Dynpro Java applications: From creating and running tests using eCATT through to test administration using Test Workbench.

Remote Support Setup

If you want to use SAP remote services (for example, SAP EarlyWatch or Remote Consulting), or if you would like to permit an SAP support consultant to work directly in your system to make a more precise problem diagnosis, then you need to set up a remote service connection.

Development and Production Infrastructure

You use the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) in your development lifecycle.

Audit Information System

SAP NetWeaver AS for ABAP provides you with a simple audit function and the Audit Information System.