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You need to perform various tasks to administer your Oracle database in an SAP environment.

Getting Started

If you are new to the Oracle database, see Getting Started with Oracle and the SAP System.

For information on the concepts behind Oracle database administration (DBA), see Approach to Oracle DBA.


You can use the following SAP tools for Oracle DBA:

Tasks on Demand

The table below shows tasks that you need to perform when required:


If you see a space management alert (see below in Periodic Tasks), indicating that your tablespaces are running out of space, you perform space management to correct the problem.



More Information

Database start or stop

Instance Management with BR*Tools

Instance Management

Database failure with data loss

Restore and Recovery with BR*Tools

Restore and Recovery

Tablespace or data file management

Space Management with BR*Tools

Space Management

Table or index management

Segment Management with BR*Tools

Segment Management

Performance problem

Maintain Database Parameters


New database version

Database upgrade

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System copy required

Database copy

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Periodic Tasks

The table below shows tasks that you need to perform periodically:


Whenever possible, use the DBA Planning Calendar for these tasks.

You can choose from a range of predefined action patterns that include the tasks listed here.


The following problems are the most common in an Oracle environment:

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