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You can use the following utilities for troubleshooting:

System logs

In accordance with the dialog system, the Gateway records system logs for all error situations. You can evaluate the system logs with the usual tools.


In addition you can record detailed traces. To do this you have to set a trace level in the parameter rdisp/TRACE :

rdisp/TRACE = 0 No trace

rdisp/TRACE = 1 Error trace

rdisp/TRACE = 2 Complete process, short data trace

rdisp/TRACE = 3 Complete process, complete data trace

The traces are to be found in the following files:


Trace File



Gateway Monitor


All trace lines describing an error begin with ***.

All trace lines corresponding to a system log (syslog) begin with ***LOG, followed by the system log number and the version of the variable parts of the system log.

You can activate the trace function for the gateway and for external programs.

Return Codes

For troubleshooting purposes, it is often helpful to understand the meaning of the return codes.

More information: Error Codes.

If an error occurs, you can view the error codes on the initial screen of the gateway monitor. If you choose F1 help, a list is displayed.

The CPI-C return codes and the return codes from the SAP Gateway are listed in the SAP Note 63347 Information published on SAP site.

Memory Problems in the Gateway

Some error messages and trace entries indicate gateway problems as regards memory allocation.

More information: Memory Management of the SAP Gateway

Errors When Starting CPI-C Programs

Local Programs

The gateway starts local CPIC programs using fork/execlp. This implies that the program must be located in the search path of the (gateway) UNIX ID and must be executable for the (gateway) UNIX ID.

You can test this by logging on with the gateway ID and using the command which check whether the program you want to start is in the search path of the gateway ID: Enter which <program>.

Remote and Registered Programs

For information about errors that may occur when starting remote and registered CPI-C programs see Errors When Starting RFC Programs.

Gateway Logging

You can configure the gateway so that it logs operations.

More information: Setting Up Gateway Logging.