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Under UNIX and Windows you start and stop the Gateway together with the SAP system. The gateway is started by the dispatcher. No special entries are required in the sapstart script.


You have installed the gateway together with your application server instance, or as a gateway instance (standalone gateway). You can find information about this in the SAP Service Marketplace under published on SAP site.

Select NetWeaver and your Release and then Installation in the Installation Guide for your platform.

The gateway instance has its own SID (for example, G11) and instance number, and the executable gwrd(.exe) is located in the corresponding directory (for example, /usr/sap/G11/SYS/exe/run).


Standalone Gateway on UNIX

To start a Gateway installed separately on a UNIX machine, you specify a start profile: gwrd -force pf=<profile> &

To cancel, you must send the INT signal to the gateway read process.

Use the following command to obtain the process ID (PID) of the gateway process: ps -ef | grep gwrd.

To kill the process, send the relevant INT signal to the process: kill INT <pid>.

Standalone Gateway on Windows

You can start and stop the standalone gateway just the same on Windows. You just have to use sapntkill instead of kill, or exit the process from the task manager. Usually you use the SAP Service Manager to start an gateway installed separately on Windows. For more information see the documentation specified above.