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Each application server instance of an SAP system has a gateway. In the default configuration the ASCS instance does not have a gateway, but one can still be configured in addition. The gateway enables communication between work processes and external programs, as well as communication between work processes from different instances or SAP Systems.

Gateway Processes

The SAP Gateway is made up of various processes:

  • Gateway Read Process

  • Gateway Monitor

Gateway Read Process

Gateway read (gwrd, gwrd.exe) is the main process in the gateway system.

It is started by the dispatcher and checked by this periodically.

The gateway reader receives and processes all CPI-C requests.


If the executable gwrd program is called without profile parameters or with the switch -help, the program outputs a description of the possible command parameters, as well as all the patches.

Gateway Monitor

The gateway monitor is used to analyze and administer the Gateway.

When you start it, you initially get a list of active CPI-C connections. You can call up all the other monitor functions via a menu.

If the gateway is running in an Application Server ABAP, you can monitor the gateway with the gateway monitor (transaction SMGW).

You can also monitor the gateway at operating system level - particularly if the gateway is running in a system without AS ABAP. Use program gwmon.exe, which is contained in the delivery.