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Starting and Stopping SAP Systems Based on SAP NetWeaverLocate this document in the navigation structure

When you start an SAP system based on SAP NetWeaver, you start the system database, the application servers, and the respective processes of which the system consists.


In general, the database starts first, and then the instance. When you start the central instance, the database starts automatically. However, the database does not stop when you stop the primary application server instance.

The following sections describe how you start and stop SAP systems and instances based on SAP NetWeaver.


In a dual-stack (ABAP + Java) system, when you start and stop ABAP instances, the corresponding Java instances start and stop automatically, by default. To deactivate the automatic start of the Java instances, set the instance profile parameter rdisp/j2ee_start to 0 in transaction RZ10. You must then restart the Java instance separate from the ABAP instance. However, when you stop an ABAP instance, the associated Java instance always stops, too.

For more information, see Restarting the Java Stack of an SAP NetWeaver Dual-Stack System .