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The detail log file contains full information about what happened during the recovery.


The file displays information about the:

  • Relevant parameters from the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap that were set during the BRRECOVER run

  • Recovery type

  • Menus that were displayed during the recovery and the options that you chose

  • BRRECOVER commands used to perform each phase of the restore and recovery, and the results

  • Remounting of the database

  • Status of the tablespaces, data files, control files, and redo log files

  • Names of the database files to be restored or recovered


BRRECOVER detail logs have names of the following form:

v<encoded timestamp>.<ext>

The logs are stored in the sapbackup directory.

The name consists of:

  • Action ID

    This consists of the fixed character v and the <encoded time> that the recovery was performed.

  • Function ID

    The suffix <ext> indicates the restore type:

    • crv : complete database recovery

    • dpt : database point-in-time recovery

    • tpt : tablespace point-in-time recovery

    • drs : whole database reset

    • rif: restore of individual backup files

    • alf: restore and application of offline redo log files

    • drv: disaster recovery