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Backing Up Non-Database Files and DirectoriesLocate this document in the navigation structure


Non-database files should only be backed up with BRBACKUP after an SAP upgrade or an Oracle upgrade. This backup method is not a replacement for a file system backup using operating system features.

  • Directories and non-database files for backup must be specified with their complete paths.

  • If you use BRBACKUP to save directories, only the files in that directory are saved; files of any existing subdirectories will not be saved. The use of parameter sap_dir or ora_dir is an exception, as it is possible to make a backup of all the non-database files of the SAP or Oracle environment with it.

  • When you save directories with software compression ( compress = yes), their contents are not compressed.

  • If you want to back up a large number of non-database files and directories (all the SAP executables and profiles, for example), we recommend carrying out this backup separately.

See also backup_mode or -m|-mode.