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When you back up offline redo log files for your Oracle database, you can group the files. If you use an external backup programs with the BACKINT interface, we recommend you to use this function. In this case, every archiving action activates the interface and often repositions the tape, which usually leads to the creation of a new save set. A reduction in the number of save sets by grouping the offline redo log files speeds up the backup.

By using permanent backup of the offline redo log files with BRARCHIVE -f|-fill, you can prevent a possible overflow of the oraarch archiving directory. You can also collect a certain number of offline redo log files before BRARCHIVE backs them all up together on tape, by using the command brarchive -f <number>, as shown in the following example.


This example uses the following command:

brarchive -u/-sd -d util_file -f 5

After five offline redo log files have been created, BRARCHIVE saves these to tape. It repeats this until either of the following is true:

  • BRARCHIVE was stopped with call brarchive -f stop

  • The maximum number of redo logs specified has been reached