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The SAP tool BRSPACE for Oracle databases enables you to manage the space in your database:

  • Instance administration:

    • Start up database

    • Shut down database

    • Alter database instance

    • Alter database parameter

    • Recreate database

  • Tablespace administration:

    • Extend tablespace

    • Create tablespace

    • Drop tablespace

    • Alter tablespace

    • Alter data file

    • Move data file

  • Segment management:

    • Reorganize tables

    • Rebuild indexes

    • Export tables

    • Import tables

    • Alter tables

    • Alter indexes


BRSPACE is one of the BR*Tools for Oracle database administration. Therefore, it is fully integrated in your SAP system running with Oracle.


BRSPACE has many parameters, which you can specify in the Initialization Profile init<DBSID>.sap.


You can use BRSPACE from the command line or with BRGUI or BRTOOLS. For more information, see: