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Getting Started with Oracle and the SAP SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


This section gives you an overview of database administration for Oracle databases running with the SAP System. The aim is to help you get started as quickly as possible by giving you concise information and pointers to further details.

To avoid error situations or bottlenecks in the database, you need to know where to find extra information that goes beyond the scope of this documentation.


You do not have to follow the sequence below rigidly. It is only a suggestion. However, be sure to consider all the items listed.

  1. You read the Oracle documentation thoroughly.

  2. You read the Release Notes that appear with each new SAP Release. To do this, choose Start of the navigation path Help Next navigation step Release Notes End of the navigation path in the SAP system.

    See also New Features.

  3. You take necessary measures for database security.


    For information about operating system security, see the documentation provided by your operating system vendor.

  4. You learn about how you can check your database and develop an approach to database backup.

  5. You read the sections of the SAP Library on the ABAP Dictionary to learn about the conditions for creating tables in the ABAP Dictionary and on the database.

  6. You read about the Oracle Database Storage Parameters in the ABAP Dictionary.

  7. If you have a problem, you use SAP Support Portal for support.

  8. You take note of the Limitations of the Oracle Database System.


Now you are ready to configure the database system.