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SAP Composition Environment supports the following central services: 

  • The Java dictionary serves as a central repository for database objects: It is typically used for composite applications that need system database support.

    More information: Providing Java Dictionary Tables and Data Types

  • Security functions of SAP NetWeaver Application Server for Java that enable you to develop secure composite applications.

    More information: Integrating Security Functions

  • Your SAP NetWeaver Application Server for Java includes a database with ready to use Units of Measure and Currency data, which can be used in your Web Dynpro applications. You can adjust this data to meet your needs, update it from a back-end system, and also export it to another SAP NetWeaver system.

    More information: Using Units of Measure and Currency Data

  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server provides a set of APIs at infrastructure-level. Java applications that run on top of SAP NetWeaver Application Server can utilize these APIs to provide common functions, such as logging, monitoring, or job scheduling.
    • Using SAP NetWeaver Scheduler for Java (Java Job Scheduler) to develop and schedule background jobs.

      More information: SAP NetWeaver Scheduler for Java .

    • Using SAP's logging API and related configuration tasks to enhance your application with  logging capabilities.

      More information: Developing Logging-Enabled Applications .

    • Development based on the Java Management Extension (JMX) technology, as well as how to equip your Java Enterprise Edition applications (Java EE applications) with monitoring capabilities based on the monitoring infrastructure of AS Java.

      More information: Enabling Applications with Monitoring .

    • Using SAP Java Resource Adapter (SAP JRA) to integrate AS ABAP with remote SAP Java EE application servers (AS Java).

      More information: SAP Java Resource Adapter .