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Starting and Stopping SAP Systems and Instances with the SAP MMC (Windows)Locate this document in the navigation structure


The user who wants to start and stop the SAP system with the SAP MMC, must be a member of the local administrators group.


You can start and stop an SAP system or installed SAP instances locally on the host that you are logged on to with the SAP Microsoft Management Console (MMC). If the SAP MMC is configured for central system administration, you can start or stop the entire system from a single host.


  1. Start the SAP MMC on the SAP system host.
  2. Right-click the SAP system node and choose Start or Stop.

    All instances listed under the system node start or stop in the correct order.


    The database is not stopped automatically when you stop your SAP system. To stop the database, see your database-specific documentation.

  3. If the SAP system is installed on multiple hosts (distributed or high-availability system), you have the following options to start or stop your system:
    • You start or stop the SAP instances using the SAP MMC on each host.

    • You add the remote instances to the SAP MMC configuration to start or stop all instances from a single SAP MMC. For more information, see the SAP MMC documentation.