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The implementation of in-memory databases can lead to significant technical changes in many areas with the processing of large quantities of data; users profit from the required data being displayed more quickly, and from the additional funcions. To make the great advantages usable for business applications in the ALV environment as well, SAP offers a special version of the List Viewer, the SAP List Viewer with Integrated Data Access. Using ALV with IDA it is possible for tables that contain very large quantities of data to be displayed on the UI. The results of operations such as sorting, grouping, or filtering are also delivered with a very fast response time.

Note For developers with experience with the SAP List Viewer the following chapter contains comparative information:

The SAP List Viewer with Integrated Data Access offers application developers the option to use the in-memory database, such as SAP HANA, without having to switch to a new programming environment. End users can continue to work on the familiar interface. The standard functions (also ALV services) that have been used in the ALV for a long time for executing calculations are still available in ALV with IDA. From the perspective of a user, the whole ALV with its well-known ALV functions is adjusted to the use of in-memory databases. The new general programming model (CodingPushDown) is also optimally supported when using in-memory databases.

See also: Evaluation of the Concepts of the ALV Flavors


If the current system landscape is not set up on an in-memory database, then it is possible to use ALV with IDA to display tables. However the considerable performance advantages are then not achieved for large quantities of data (>> 100,000 data records).


You can find a reference description of the individual classes and methods and examples of programming code in the relevant documentation in the system.

The ALV with IDA is available to you in both the in-container variant and the fullscreen variant. See also Embedding in SAP GUI. However, the procedures described below are independent of which of the two variants you choose - the implementation of the individual functions is not affected by this.

When instantiating ALV with IDA you get a reference to the interface IF_SALV_GUI_TABLE_IDA with which you have access to all of the interfaces specified in the sections below.

A Simple Example
A single line of code is enough to display a database table from your system using ALV with IDA:
cl_salv_gui_table_ida=>create(  iv_table_name = 'SFLIGHT' ) ->fullscreen( ) ->display( ).
Example report in your system: SALV_IDA_DISPLAY_DATA_SIMPLE

In the following chapters you learn the enhancement options from the simplest example through to the embedding in a complex business scenario. Among other things, user interactions can be queried, the table layout can be influenced, own business exits can be implemented.


You can find notes about technical restrictions in section Restrictions