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Resetting the Local Logon PasswordLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you forget your local logon password, you can reset it. However, when you attempt to reset the logon password, the mobile client for handhelds prompts you to enter the synchronization password. Upon authentication, the mobile client for handhelds allows you to create a new logon password.

  • You have a connection available to the Data Orchestration Engine
  • You know your synchronization password.

    If you do not know your synchronization password, contact your administrator.

  • Your administrator has configured the device to use this feature.
  1. Start the mobile client for handhelds.
  2. Choose Reset Password.
  3. Enter data as required.
  4. Choose Save.

    The mobile client for handhelds resets the logon password as specified, logs you in, and the home page appears.