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Executing Task Lists with the ABAP Task Manager for Lifecycle Management AutomationLocate this document in the navigation structure

This section describes how to execute task lists with the ABAP task manager for lifecycle management automation.


You have the required permissions to execute task lists.

For more information, see Standard Roles and Permissions.


  1. Log on to your ABAP system with logon language English.
  2. Call transaction STC01.
  3. Enter <Task list name> in the Task List field.
  4. Choose Generate Task List Run or Generate Task List Run with VariantWith Variant.
    The ABAP task manager for lifecycle management automation assigns a name to the task list run automatically and displays a list of the tasks that are defined for the configuration scenario in the order of their execution. Mandatory and necessary tasks are preselected for execution.
  5. Some tasks require your input. Choose Change Parameter or Fill Parameter in the Parameter column of each task, if applicable. If you do not define mandatory parameters, the ABAP task manager for lifecycle management automation uses default settings, if any, or stops and prompts you for your input. After you have made your settings, save them and go back to the task list.
  6. Choose Start/Resume Task List Run in Background.
    Note For the following task lists, choose Start/Resume Task List Run in Dialog:
  7. To get the current status of the task list run, choose Refresh Task List Run.