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The Groups tab page appears, since the option Consolidation in Groups Possible is activated under Start of the navigation path Utilities Next navigation step Settings End of the navigation path.


You can use consolidation groups to consolidate by groups of systems within a LAW. For example, you can evaluate by parts of the company or similar structures.


  1. Create the desired group.

    1. Switch to change mode.

    2. Create a new empty line by choosing Insert Line.

    3. Enter a unique group name and a short description of the group in the new line.

    4. To save the groups permanently, first choose a grid function, such as Refresh and then Save Group Definition.

  2. Assign the systems to the groups.

    1. Select the relevant line and choose Assign Systems to a Group.

      A dialog box with two lists appears. The left list is empty to begin with and later contains all systems that belong to the group. The right list initially contains all systems that currently exist in the ALW; but which are not yet assigned to this group.

    2. To transfer systems to the group, select the desired systems in the list on the right, and choose Copy Selection Systems.

      You can also select systems in the left list and remove them from the group by choosing Remove Selected Systems.


      You can use the filter function above the list to presort the right column after installation and then assign all systems in the installation to the group by choosing Copy All Systems.

    3. Once all desired systems are in the list on the left, save the group assignment by choosing Save.

    4. Confirm the message about the system assignment.

  3. Choose the group(s) for the consolidation.

    1. In change mode, select one or more groups for which a partial consolidation is to be performed by checking the groups in the column Take Into Account During Consolidation.

    2. To save consolidation settings, first choose a grid function and then Save Group Definition.


You can now return to the Systems tab page and start the partial consolidation in the context of the Control of the LAW.