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The License Administration Workbench (LAW) supports you during the License Audit Process for complex system landscapes. You use the LAW to collect and consolidate license-relevant measurement data (users and engines) for the component systems and the central system (LAW system) in which LAW is run. This provides system administrators with a better overview, and the system measurement is simpler and more reliable.

Before you start LAW, you should classify the users in all measurement-relevant systems in accordance with their tasks; that is, assign them to a contractual user type (in transaction USMM, SU01, or SU10). During the consolidation that then takes place in LAW, the users for a person are listed and assigned one contractual user type. The multiple assessment of a person is therefore practically eliminated - the Multi-Client/Multi-System classification is superfluous.

The measurement results are

  • Collected in the central LAW system and consolidated

    The consolidation is the automatic analysis and optimization of the individual user types. It includes the deletion of redundancies and contained contractual user types.

  • Send directly to SAP after release

    As a result, an anonymous combination of the same user types, as displayed in the results log, is transferred.

The LAW screen consists of two large subareas, where you can reduce the size of the upper area:

  • Control LAW

    You can call all steps for user consolidation in order here. As an alternative to step 1, you can, as of SAP NetWeaver '04, use the functions of the tab pages to transfer the measurement data.

  • Tab pages Systems, Inbox, Result (as of SAP NetWeaver 7.0), Groups (as of SAP NetWeaver 7.0), and Messages (as of SAP NetWeaver '04)

    Overview of the systems for which data has already been imported into the LAW or for which you must still transfer data. The significantly extended functions for transferring measurement data from the component systems are also available to you here.