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Allows you to check the performance of the SAP Gateway. You can activate and deactivate these statistics dynamically (see also parameter gw/stat in Parameterization of the Gateway ). Resetting the statistics causes all the data currently gathered to be deleted and the statistics to be deactivated.


You will see the following submenu:

Statisctics menu


1 : activate statistics

2 : display statistics

3 : reset statistics

q - quit

m - Menu


If you enter 1 you can activate or deactivate the statistics, with 2 you can display them, and with 3 you can reset them.

The statistics display covers the areas, general statistics, gateway reader statistics, and TCP statistics. The display includes the following values:

  • Timeout count

  • Number of timeouts that occurred establishing the connection

  • Request block overflow count

  • Number of data packets stored temporarily in local memory

  • Request count

  • Total request time

  • Time per request (minimum, mean, maximum)

  • TCP statistics

  • CPI-C statistics