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This BRARCHIVE command option fills up a backup volume by waiting for the next offline redo log files.

When you select the -f option, BRARCHIVE waits for the next offline redo log files copied by Oracle to the archiving directory, and archives them on the volume as soon as they are created. This process continues until the volume is full or the specified number of offline redo log files for processing has been reached.

-f|-fill [<number>|stop|suspend]|resume]

Default value: do not wait for the next offline redo log files to write them to the volume (tape). BRARCHIVE must be started afresh for the backup of the next offline redo log files.

Possible values:

  • <number>: BRARCHIVE does not archive each offline redo log file individually, but waits until a certain <number> of files have accumulated in the archiving directory. These offline redo log files are then saved to tape as a group. See Grouping Offline Redo Log Files.

  • stop: stops a BRARCHIVE archiving run that was started with -f. This operation might take some time (a few seconds or a few minutes). Inspect the log written by BRARCHIVE. See Names of the BRARCHIVE Detail Logs.

  • suspend: suspends BRARCHIVE processing that was started with -f. This can be useful if, for example, you want to perform an offline backup and later restart BRARCHIVE.

  • resume: resumes processing suspended with -f suspend