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The project member makes and documents Customizing settings according to a project IMG which contains all IMG activities which are relevant to the project.

Customizing settings are table entries which can be made with IMG activities. A transaction which is linked to the Customizing object goes from the IMG activities to the tables.

The Customizing object is a view, a view cluster or an individual transaction, depending on the IMG activity. The transaction calls the correct table, view or view cluster. The Customizing object contains information about client-dependence, transport, translation-relevance, and so on.

For more information, see View-Led Customizing Transaction and View Cluster Transaction.

Customizing deals with all the tables which are needed to adjust the SAP System to company-specific procedures.

  1. To see the transaction and Customizing object in an IMG activity, position the cursor on the IMG activity in the project IMG and choose Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step IMG Next navigation step Activity Next navigation step Display End of the navigation path.

    The Maintenance Objects tab contains the information.

  2. To make Customizing settings, click on the IMG activity symbol to the left of the IMG activity structure title in the project IMG.

    The IMG documentation contains the technical and business details which you need to make the settings.

  3. You can activate or deactivate Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) in BAdI Implementations in the IMG, delivered by SAP:

    1. To activate or deactivate BAdI Implementations in your system, choose Execute in front of the name of the BadI implementation.

    2. Set or reset the flag in the following dialog box.

      For more information about enhancing the standard mit BadIs, see Business Add-Ins.