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HTTP Status Code: 405 (Method Not Allowed) Locate this document in the navigation structure

HTTP status code: 405 (Method Not Allowed)

BPM error code: empty

If you have a BPM error code, see the corresponding documentation.

The request to be executed uses a request method, for example, GET, POST, PUT, that is not supported by the specific operation. This can happen, for example, when sending a POST request on a read-only resource. Example:
  • POST /bpmodata/taskdata.svc/d6e6590d109d11e39633000000288732/InputData

  • PUT /bpmodata/taskdata.svc/d6e6590d109d11e39633000000288732/OutputData

To correct this problem, change the request method according to the URI description in the respective documentation, for example, URIs for Accessing BPM Task Data. Example:
  • GET /bpmodata/taskdata.svc/d6e6590d109d11e39633000000288732/InputData

  • POST /bpmodata/taskdata.svc/d6e6590d109d11e39633000000288732/OutputData