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If you want to use SAP remote services (for example, SAP EarlyWatch or Remote Consulting), or if you would like to permit an SAP support consultant to work directly in your system to make a more precise problem diagnosis, then you need to set up a remote service connection. Remote access has the major advantage that these operations are then immediately available to you.

Before you can open such a connection, a remote network connection to SAP must have been set up and the Service Connector must be installed on your PC. Once the network connection is set up and the Service Connector is installed, you can create different types of service connections that permit SAP employees access to your system.

For more information and detailed documentation on setting up remote service connections to SAP, see the SAP Support Portal at published on SAP site.

You have to set up a remote service connection for each system. There are different connection types available to make it possible for SAP employees to access your system. These differ based on the type of SAP system that is to be accessed and the type of connection that you require. In the following table you will find the most important connection types, along with the related components where you can open customer service messages if you have any problems or questions:

Connection Type


Set Up Information

Message Component

Connection to SAP Solution Manager

Service connection runs on the responsible SAP Solution Manager of the affected system.

SAP Note 962516


R/3 Support

The "classic" R/3 support connection from ABAP systems using SAProuter without WebDynpro.

SAP Note 812732


HTTP Connection

For a service session you require an HTTP connection to your systems to a specific URL; Use this connection type for Java systems and ABAP systems using WebDynpro.

SAP Note 592085



You can find a complete list of the connection types in SAP Support Portal under published on SAP site. Select the entry Connection Types Available in the navigation area to the left of the screen.

There are also roles for read-only access for remote support. These roles are available in the STPI plug-in and are generated when a managed system is connected to SAP Solution Manager. These roles are:




    You can only generate the role SAP_JAVA_SUPPORT using SAP Solution Manager. If you are not operating SAP Solution Manager, use the role NWA_READONLY instead.

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