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There are the following types of ad hoc workflow:

Ad hoc agent assignment

A workflow of this type enables agents to be assigned to workflow steps when the workflow is started. During workflow execution the agent assignment can be changed by authorized users at any time for steps not yet completed.

Ad hoc enhancement

You can enhance a workflow ad hoc at runtime by defining workflows at definition time that can be integrated within the workflow while it is being executed.


Ad hoc agent assignment

You can convert an existing workflow into an ad hoc workflow in the Workflow Builder. No responsible agents should be entered in the step definitions for all steps to which ad hoc users are to be assigned during execution. Container elements are created automatically by the system in the workflow container and the relevant task containers during conversion into an ad hoc workflow. An expression is assigned to the input fields for responsible agents.

For more information, see Defining Ad Hoc Agent Assignment .

If this ad hoc workflow is started by a user, this workflow initiator defines the recipients who are to execute the individual steps. Throughout the execution of the workflow, the workflow initiator can change this assignment of recipients for steps not yet completed at any time.

For more information, see Executing Workflows with Ad Hoc Agent Assignment .

Ad hoc enhancement

You have the following options for an ad hoc enhancement:

  • You can enter an activity in your workflow definition, for which the task/workflow to be executed is determined using an expression. A user selects the task/workflow to execute in a pre-defined step in the workflow. For more information, see Maintenance of Tab Page Control .

  • You can insert an ad-hoc anchor in your workflow definition. Here you can save workflows that can replace the ad hoc anchor during execution to enhance the workflow definition. An authorized user can enhance the workflow while it is being executed More information: