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Executing Workflows with Ad Hoc Agent AssignmentLocate this document in the navigation structure


The ad hoc agent assignment is performed at the start of the workflow. The user who started the workflow can perform an ad hoc agent assignment for steps that have not yet been completed at any time while a workflow is running.


Ad hoc agent assignment at the start of a workflow

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Business Workflow Next navigation step Development Next navigation step Runtime Tools Next navigation step Start Workflow End of the navigation path.

    This displays the screen Start Workflow .

  2. Select the workflow to be started.

    If this is an ad hoc workflow, input fields are displayed for agents in the lower part of the preview area.

  3. Assign the relevant users to the individual steps.

Changing the ad hoc agent assignment while a workflow is running


Only the user who started the workflow can change the assignment during execution.

  1. Open the workflow outbox in your Business Workplace.

  2. Select the workflow for which you want to change the ad hoc agent assignment.

  3. Select to change the agent assignment.

    This displays the dialog box Ad hoc change of workflow agents . If a step has already been completed, the actual agent is displayed. For steps that have not yet been completed, the assigned recipients are displayed.

  4. Change the agent assignment.


The workflow is executed with the new agent assignment. If you change the agent assignment for a step that is already being executed, the work item is forwarded from the old to the new actual agent.