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With the specifications you make on this tab page, you define:

  • Which task is executed in this activity

  • Who is responsible for processing the activity

When you define a new activity, you must make entries about the task. This supplements entries on the tab page Outcomes .


Make the following settings:


Define the task to be executed or the workflow to be called. In the F4 input help, you can search for tasks and workflows by:

  • Parts of names

  • The application component assigned

  • The method used, (for tasks)

Select if no suitable task exists yet. For more information, see Definition of a Single Step Task .

A workflow entered here can always be started. The possible agents of the workflow are not checked when starting.


If you enter another task in an existing step definition, the outcomes of the original task are not assigned automatically to the outcomes of the newly entered task. You are requested to assign the selected outcomes of the new task to the outcomes of the original task. Superfluous outcomes and the corresponding branches of the workflow definition are deleted.

The system creates new branches in the workflow definition for additional or unassigned outcomes of the new task.

The properties and descriptive text of the selected task are displayed. However, you can only maintain these within the task definition.


Process the binding between task container and workflow container. When you enter a task for the first time, the system proposes the following:

  • New container elements for the workflow container.

  • A binding definition

You decide whether you want to accept the proposal in full or in part. To process the binding later, select Binding. For information, see Rule-Based Proposal for Binding Definitions .


Even if you reject the proposal at first, you can define the binding automatically at a later date. Select for this.


You process the responsible agents and

the excluded agents for this step if you are referencing a dialog task. These specifications only apply to this step and complement the specifications on organizational responsibility for the task. More information:

Defining Responsibilities .