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A plan version is a designated area where you deposit different sets of information. A single plan version may contain information maintained in any or several of the Human Resources components.


You may maintain an unlimited number of plan versions in your system. This enables you to use different plans to experiment with various scenarios for your company. One plan might reflect current day-to-day operations at your firm. Another might reflect your company after a planned merger takes place. It is important to note that there is no link between information maintained in separate plan versions.

The organizational plan can be one of many subsets of information in the plan version. Alternatively, you can create a plan version containing only an organizational plan - or single set of information - within Organizational Management . In that case, the organizational plan is the single component of a plan version.

You can maintain a number of nonplan versions in the system.


You differentiate between plan versions by assigning each a unique code. Codes are user-defined and alphanumeric. These are maintained in the plan version table (for details, refer to the Personnel Management section of the Implementation Guide [IMG]).