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Sample BSP Application for Using Internet UsersLocate this document in the navigation structure


A simple application containing a publicly accessible initial page, a page for logging on and creating new users, and an area that is only accessible to logged on users should serve as an example.


In order for the publicly accessible initial page to be displayed directly in the browser without logon, you create a default user INT_GUEST in the system and assign it to the application using transaction SICF (see also Creating an ICF Services).


This user must be of the type Service User. It has only limited authorizations in the system and has no access to secure areas of the application.


A second user, INT_ADMIN, serves as an administration user that has authorization to create new users. It is created with the alias administrator (see also Internal Aliases, External Aliases).


A third user, INT_USER, serves as a reference user for the new Internet users created by the administrator. This user has the authorizations it requires to display and use the complete application.

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