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Typical Internet applications need to be able to support a large number of registered online users. As a rule, it should be possible that new users can log on and register themselves or that certain users are authorized to create new users. The data of the logged-on user must be stored and must be able to be maintained. Users need to have authorizations - where relevant different authorizations - that can be maintained based on the SAP authorization concept.

Previous Internet Users with Transaction SU05

Up to now Internet users for Internet Application Components, which presupposed the existence of an additional account, were created and maintained in transaction SU05.


Now Internet users are created and maintained in the general user maintenance transaction (SU01).

Creating New Internet Users with Transaction SU01

Internet users are SAP users that are created and managed just like ordinary users in SU01. Unlike other users however, they are created with an alias. Only personal data (password, address, e-mail and so on) is assigned individually. Technical data (authorizations or profile) is inherited from a reference user .

Reference User

Reference users are used for authorization assignment to equip Internet users with identical authorizations. You can create one or more reference users, depending on what authorizations you want to assign your users. You create one reference user per target group and assign this user authorizations for all of the Internet transactions allowed for the target group.

You can find out how to set up the logon to the SAP System for this user under Anonymous Logon Data and Basic Authentication .

You can find a general description of using the concept in the section Sample BSP Application for Using Internet Users . This is followed by information on Logging On as an Internet User and Creating New Users .