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The job scheduling wizard is an automated, step-by-step guide through the job scheduling process. It prompts you for information as you go, so there's no need to memorize the process or to spend unnecessary time looking through menus or screens trying to figure out how to schedule jobs.

Schedule background jobs manually, without using the wizard, by calling Transaction SM36.


Start the job scheduling wizard from Transaction SM36 either by selecting Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Wizard version End of the navigation path or just using the Job wizard button. Then simply follow the directions and prompts provided.

The wizard prompts you for information about the job you are creating and scheduling, including:

Once a job has been created, or scheduled for the first time, you can reschedule or modify the job with Transaction SM37, Job Overview. To specify which jobs to include in the job overview, you'll need to first complete the Job Selection screen.

Using the Job Wizard will let you quickly and effectively define jobs in a majority of cases. In those cases where you need to change the assigned user for the job definition or when jobs contain more than 8 or 9 steps.