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SAP NetWeaver



SAP Enhancement Package

1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.3 SPS 19

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BI Release

BI Content 7.47 SP 18

Documentation Published

Novermber 2016

SAP NetWeaver provides an open integration and application platform and facilitates the implementation of the Enterprise Services Architecture. You can standardize business processes across technological boundaries, integrate applications for your employees as needed, and access and edit simple information easily and in a structured manner.


SAP NetWeaver is the basis for SAP solutions. SAP Business Suite is one example of a solution that uses all key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver.


The SAP NetWeaver documentation is structured to enable you finding information about the SAP NetWeaver platform as explained below.

Main Use Cases and Corresponding Key Areas of SAP NetWeaver

From a top-down point of view, the documentation provides information for the following use cases of SAP NetWeaver:

Use Case

Corresponding Key Area of SAP NetWeaver

Building Composite Applications

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment

Custom Application Development (ABAP)

(All areas that allow ABAP development on the Application Server ABAP)

Building Integration Scenarios

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration

Enterprise Data Warehousing

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

Mobilizing Business Processes

SAP NetWeaver Mobile

Integrating and Self Servicing Content with SAP NetWeaver Portal

SAP NetWeaver Portal


For more information about use cases of SAP NetWeaver, see the SAP NetWeaver Master Guide available at published on SAP site.

In order to find information based on specific roles or key areas in the SAP NetWeaver library there are two entry points:

  • The role-specific entries Development Information and Administration Information

    This entry is aimed at administrators (technical operations) and developers.

  • The key areas of SAP NetWeaver (individual sections, for example, SAP NetWeaver Mobile ).

    This entry is allows to drill down into the documentation for each key area independently. It is aimed at readers who mainly work with one specific key area within SAP NetWeaver.

In addition to these entries, the SAP NetWeaver Security Guide provides an overview of the security-relevant information that applies to SAP NetWeaver.

While these sections focus on the documentation that is specific to a role or to a key area correspondingly, the Function-Oriented View includes all component documentation of SAP NetWeaver.

How to Find the Information You are Looking For

When using the navigation structure, you can drill down to the information you are looking for either from the role-specific entry or from the key area of SAP NetWeaver. Each key area provides documentation specific to a role as far as necessary. As a consequence, the role specific entries link directly to subsections of the key area documentation, or to the function-oriented view if this makes more sense. To summarize, you can look for information in one of the following ways:

  • Drill down from a role specific entry to tasks within a key area, and further down to component documentation in the function-oriented view

  • Drill down from a key area to component documentation in the function-oriented view

  • Navigate to the corresponding component documentation in the function-oriented view directly

  • Use the search function

Developers can, for example, drill down to the information they need by starting in section Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Library Next navigation step Development Information End of the navigation path. This section links to all of the development-relevant sections of each individual key area, for example, to Developing Composite Applications (where all component documentation for developers that is related to SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment can be found by following corresponding link).

More Information

For more information about release restrictions for SAP NetWeaver 7.3 Enhancement Package 1, see SAP Note 1522700 Information published on SAP site

For information about corrections made to the documentation after shipment, see SAP Note 1603059 Information published on SAP site

You can send feedback about SAP NetWeaver documentation to the following address: