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Configuring the Replication ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you want to make your system a high availability solution, you need the enqueue replication server as well as the standalone enqueue server.


Note that you have to start the (A)SCS to activate the changes.


You can configure the following optional additional functions:

  • Control mechanism for the replication server

  • Persistence of the replication table in the file system

Setting Up the Control Mechanism for the Replication Server

Configure the control mechanism for the replication server. Here you have the following options:

  • Self-control with HA Polling

    Here the replication server uses the HA software to periodically request information about the physical host on which the (A)SCS instance is running. Depending on this information the ERS instance is activated or deactivated. To do this you need a tool (a script or a library from your HA hardware partner.)


    If you use an script in directory DIR_EXECUTABLE you must insert the following lines in the instance profile.


    # HA polling


    enque/enrep/hafunc_implementation = script

    enque/enrep/poll_interval = 10000

    enque/enrep/hafunc_init =

    enque/enrep/hafunc_check = $(DIR_EXECUTABLE)/

  • HA Software Control

    With this solution the HA software will stop the ERS instance, if necessary. Ask your HA partner if this procedure is supported.