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Troubleshooting on Web Dynpro for Java Components in BPMLocate this document in the navigation structure


Web Dynpro Application Does Not Render

Problem: In Web Dynpro, you have created a view set and embedded views into it. You have deployed a Web Dynpro application including a view set on a server. While launching, the application is not rendered.

Cause: The Web Dynpro component is built with Java JDK 1.6 or higher. Running this component on SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 EhP1 can cause the following error:

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file ...

Solution: Use JDK 1.5. The class files must be compiled on JDK 1.5.


Check the -vm parameters in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio configuration file ( SAPNetWeaverDeveloperStudio.ini ) and in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio startup properties ( Target field). This parameters can override your settings in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, Start of the navigation path Preferences Next navigation step Java End of the navigation path.

Web Dynpro Task UI Cannot be Started

Problem: An exception occurs when starting a Web Dynpro task UI in BPM, for example from the UWL:

"java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: <...>"

Cause: The Web Dynpro runtime SCA is too old. The Dynamic EventHandler registration in the Web Dynpro components is used for the handling of a task UI. This Web Dynpro feature has been introduced in a later version of your engine.

Solution: Upgrade the engine of the server on which the task is started.

Web Dynpro UI Component Cannot be Assigned

Problem: In the process composer, when assigning a Web Dynpro UI component to a task with the UI selection wizard during process modelling, an exception occurs:

"Unable to import document > file [...<path_to_an_xsd_file>]".


Invalid XML schema for namespace '<...>'.

Diagnostics: XSD: Type reference '<...>' is unresolved.

Cause: Web Dynpro offers the possibility to use Java native types as simple types for Web Dynpro context attributes. Since these could also be custom Java classes the data propagation and extraction from SAP NetWeaver BPM is not supported.

Solution: Check whether the specific Web Dynpro component requires context attributes of Java native type in its local component interface's Interface Controller . Try to reduce the attributes' scope to be defined in the Component Controller only. Only Web Dynpro components, which do not use Java native types in their local component Interface's Interface Controller can be used within BPM.

More information: Supported Data Types and Limitations for Web Dynpro for Java in BPM