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Repairing/Repeating Terminated ProcessesLocate this document in the navigation structure


In the chain log view you can restart any chain process (instance) that was terminated; this in turn ends the chain run.

Depending on the process type, there are two possibilities:

  • You can repair a process. In this case the terminated instance is executed again.

    This enables you to restart processes that cannot be repeated with a new instance because the data to be edited is attached to the instance, as for example with a data transfer process. A data transfer process, for example, cannot be repeated with a new request number because the data itself is attached to the request.

  • You can repeat a process. In this case a new instance is created.

You can restart a terminated process in the log view of process chain maintenance when this is possible for the process type. In the plan view of process chain maintenance you can set whether a process can be repaired or repeated when terminated, under Settings → Maintain Process Types (table RSPROCESSTYPES).


Do not change the settings for the SAP process types. Otherwise this could lead to inconsistencies in the data handled by the process.


In the log view of the affected process chain, choose Repeat or Repair from the context menu of the terminated process.


If the process cannot be repaired or repeated after termination, the corresponding entry is missing from the context menu in the log view of process chain maintenance. In this case, you are able to start the subsequent processes. A corresponding entry can be found in the context menu for these subsequent processes.