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Automatic Axis Labeling for Simple ChartsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can choose to label the chart axes automatically for very simple charts by activating the attribute Automatic Axis Label for Simple Charts (AUTOMATIC_DESCRIPTION) in the Web Application Designer.


  • Under Edit Chart, you have selected one of the following chart types:
  • Column chart
  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Profile chart
  • The data provider on which the chart is based contains only one key figure used in a structure. There are no additional structures.


The attribute Automatic Axis Labeling for Simple Charts has the following effect:

  • The name of the (only) key figure is displayed on the Y axis of the chart.
  • The name of the key figure, which is generally displayed on the X axis, in order to enable interaction in the chart, is hidden. This means that the normal interaction options are not available in this case.
  • The names of the characteristics (or the name of the characteristic if only one is used) are displayed on the X axis.

If the key figures are mixed with characteristics on an axis, the labels are not displayed automatically on the X axis.

The descriptions above are valid for the chart types Bar Chart and Profile Chart with swapped X and Y axes.