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You can test a single operation of a Web service endpoint. When you choose the operation you want to test, you can provide test data for its input parameters, run the test, and examine the test results. You can perform the test by entering the test information manually in Web Services Navigator (WS Navigator), or by passing it as parameters to the URL with which you start the test.


Entering Test Data Manually

  1. Find the Web service you need to test.

    More information: Finding Web Services


    After you select a Web service, you can do the following:

    • Choose Invocation Parameters if you want to specify the service endpoint, response timeout, and the authentication data.

      More information: Changing Invocation Parameters

    • Choose Expand Tray to show the Service Information screen area so that the details of the currently tested Web service are constantly displayed on the screen.

      The system updates these details in every step of the test. If the selected Web service endpoint provides online documentation, you can access it directly using the Documentation link. If you want to see the WSDL document for the selected service, you can access it directly using the WSDL URL link.

  2. Choose an operation, enter or import the test data, and perform the test.

    More information: Testing a Web Service Operation

  3. When the test of the selected Web service operation completes you can review the test results, save the test data, and add the current test to a test scenario.

    More information: Examining Test Results

Providing Test Data via URL

Instead of manually choosing a Web service, selecting an operation, and entering test data, you can provide all this information directly to WS Navigator.

For more information, see Importing Test Data from a URL .