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You can carry out the following tasks in the Queue area:

  • Monitor queues
  • Configure queue parameters
  • Troubleshoot
  • Display the distribution of the queues among queue servers


The following table provides an overview of the windows and functions that are available in this area.

Window Description

Queue Admin

Queue Info tab page

Displays the queue status and the number of documents with individual document statuses. You can use this information to monitor queues.

Furthermore, you can choose any of the following functions:

Queue Admin

Queue Parameters tab page

Displays the queue parameters.

You can check the queue parameters here and change them if necessary.

Queue Content

Documents in Queue tab page

Displays information on the processing of documents.

You can use the Delete Entries function here to delete documents from a queue.

Queue Content

Document Attributes tab page

This tab page displays technical information about documents.

Queue Landscape

Displays information about queue distribution.

You can use the Flush function here to trigger the processing of a queue.

You require the other functions only for troubleshooting in distributed TREX systems. For more information, see the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Search and Classification (TREX) Multiple Hosts installation guide. This guide is located on the SAP Service Marketplace at