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BAdI: Exporting BW Alerts (RSRA_ALERT)


This Business Add-In (BAdI) is used in the SAP Business Information Warehouse in the component BW: Batch Reporting (BW-BEX-RSRB).

With the Business Add-In RSRA_ALERT, you can export BW alerts. This BAdI is a standardized interface for ABAP sources that enables partners and customers to enhance SAP-delivered programs in their namespace. Therefore, the SAP original objects from the customer-specific enhancements and the changes made in the SAP system (perhaps with Release changes) remain untouched.

You can implement the BAdI RSRA_ALERT several times and use a filter value for a certain InfoProvider to specifically define it.


  • You have assigned the Export follow-up action to an exception.
  • You have specified a filter value where applicable.

You can find additional information underEditing the Follow-Up Action: Export.

Standard Settings

General data:

  • Package: RSRB
  • Name of the generated BAdI class from the enhancement management: CL_EX_RSRA_ALERT

The following standard settings are taken from SAP pages for the definition of the Business Add-In:

  • The BAdI RSRA_ALERT is useful in several ways, which means you can implement it in several ways.
  • The BAdI RSRA_ALERT is filter-dependent (filter type: RSRA_S_BADI_FILTER), which means that you define the BAdI by using a filter value specifically for a certain InfoProvider.


  1. In the SAP menu, choose Tools → ABAP Workbench → Utilities → Business Add-Ins → Implementation (transaction SE19) or the respective activity in the IMG. You arrive at the screen BAdI-Builder: Implementation Maintenance Entry.
  2. Create an implementation with regard to the BAdI definition.
  3. You need an implementation for every filter value. In this way, several filter values can use the same implementation.

  4. Program the interface methods in the class builder.
  5. Activate the implementation.

See also:

The following interfaces document the settings that were taken from the SAP pages.


Interface Method INITIALIZE

Interface Method SUBMIT


Interface (IF_EX_RSRA_ALERT)