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Content usage mode: remote role assignment, remote delta link

Applies to: producers, consumers

The Manage My FPN Connections tool provides you with an option to check the connection from your system to a remote system that is defined in an FPN connection. This is the same test that is available in the FPN Connection wizard.

Note that the test does not check the connection from the remote system to your system. To do so, a system administrator must run the connection test from the remote system.

We recommend that you test the connection between systems before you register an FPN connection.

  • You are authorized to access the portal role containing the Federated Portal workset.

  • A system administrator has created an FPN connection that pairs your system with a remote system.

  • You have at least administrator read permission for the FPN connection. For more information, see Assigning Administrator Permissions to FPN Connections .

  1. In the portal, navigate to Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step Federated Portal Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver - FPN Connections Next navigation step Manage My FPN Connections End of the navigation path.

    The My FPN Connections tab appears.

  2. In the My FPN Connections table, select an FPN connection.

  3. Choose Start of the navigation path Run Tests Next navigation step Access to Remote System End of the navigation path.

    The results of the test appear in a pop-in area below the selected FPN connection.


    If the test does not succeed, we recommend that you check the following:

    • Your portal and the remote portal are both running.

    • There are no network problems.

    • The connection settings of your system and the remote system are entered correctly in the FPN connection.

    • The proxy service is running and configured correctly on each portal. For more information, see Configuring Proxy Settings .

Note that you can also check the readiness and integrity of your remote role assignment and remote delta link configurations on the consumer portal. For more information, see Testing Remote Role Assignment Integrity and Testing Remote Delta Link Integrity .