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You use fixed values to further restrict the value range of a domain. If you define fixed values for a domain, these are used in the input check in screen templates. If no other means of help is defined for a field (see search help , foreign key ), the fixed values are also offered in the input (F4) help.


Domain S_CLASS (data type CHAR, length 1) in the flight model describes the possible classes of a flight booking. The value range of domain S_CLASS is defined by the fixed values C (business class), F (first class) and Y (economy class). Only the values C, F and Y can be entered in screen templates for all the fields that refer to this domain.

You can define fixed value intervals either by entering upper and lower limits or by specifying single values. Value ranges and single values can be combined as required. You can enter an explanatory text for every single value or interval. This text is displayed in the input help.

It is possible to define fixed values only for domains of data types CHAR, NUMC, DEC, INT1, INT2 and INT4. There is an input check of the template only for data types CHAR and NUMC.

You can create appends for fixed values. A fixed value append is assigned to exactly one domain. A domain can have multiple fixed value appends.

Fixed value appends are modification-free enhancements of the SAP standard. The system automatically copies over fixed value appends during upgrades.

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