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The scheduler is the link between the source systems and SAP Business Information Warehouse. You use the scheduler to define when and from which InfoSource, DataSource, and source system, data (transaction data, master data, texts or hierarchies) is requested and updated.

The principle behind the scheduler relates to the functions of SAP background jobs. The data request can be scheduled either straight away or it can be scheduled with a background job and started automatically at a later point in time.

You can access the data request via the Scheduler in the Administration Workbench Modeling by choosing InfoSource Tree → Your Application Component → Your InfoSource → Your Source System → Context menu (Right mouse button) → Create InfoPackage.


Data is requested for a combination of application components, InfoSource, DataSource and source system.

To request data, create anInfoPackage in the InfoSource tree in the Administrator Workbench. In the InfoPackage, you set the conditions for the scheduling of the data request An InfoPackage is therefore always assigned to just one InfoSource, one DataSource, the associated data type (transaction data, master data, texts, or only ever one hierarchy), and to one source system.

When you create an InfoPackage, this is saved as administrative information with the currentvariant settings.


The scheduler helps to load and update the data into the BW system. You can check the BW loading and processing processes in the Administrator WorkbenchMonitor. Once the processing process in BW is complete, the data is available for analysis.