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You can use SAP MaxDB Database Analyzer to analyze the performance of databases and identify problems in the following areas:

  • Database configuration (caches, parameters)

  • Synchronization (locks, critical sections, heap)

  • Processing of SQL statements (for example, search strategies, indexes, optimization statistics)

  • Hardware configuration

You can analyze all database types and versions and also access databases on remote computers.

You can use Database Analyzer on all operating systems supported by the database system. It is a component of the SAP MaxDB software.


Database Analyzer is integrated into Database Studio and CCMS. However, you can also call Database Analyzer directly from the command line or from Database Manager CLI program.

On Microsoft Windows, Database Analyzer uses MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components). You need MDAC Version 2.7 or higher.

More Information

SAP Note 530394 Information published on SAP site (Bottleneck Analysis with Database Analyzer)