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The lookup API CL_RSDA_INFOPROV_QUERY allows you use a transformation rule routine to read data from the active table of a DataStore object, that contains data which has been partially stored in a near-line storage.


The static method SELECT has the following interface:

Importing parameters:

  • I_INFOPROV: InfoProvider

  • I_T_ENTRIES (optional): "FOR ALL ENTRIES" table

  • I_T_ENTRY_FIELDS (optional): Fields of "FOR ALL ENTRIES" table

  • I_T_FIELD_SELECTIONS (optional): Selection clause

  • I_R_SELECTION_SET (optional): Selection condition as a multidimensional set object

  • I_WHERE_CONDITION (optional): Selection condition as an OpenSQL expression on the active table

  • I_APPEND (optional): Indicator: Adding selected records to C_T_DATA

Changing parameters:

  • C_T_DATA: Return table for selected data records of the active table

Exception conditions (exceptions):

  • CX_RSDA_INPUT_INVALID: Incorrect input parameterization

  • CX_RSDA_ACCESS_ERROR: Error while accessing data


Note that the lookup API works with the field names derived from the characteristic names (field name EMPL_ID for characteristic 0EMPL_ID or field name /BIC/EMPL_ID for the characteristic EMPL_ID in the customer namespace) and not with the characteristic names themselves.

For more information, see SAP Notes 985609 and 1028450.