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Before you start modeling a process in the process composer, you have to create a project and a process. Both of them are a kind of container in which you store the different elements you use in process modeling.

A project in the process composer contains all the reusable elements and source files that are needed to model a process. The reusable elements are the following:

  • Data types

  • Rules and functions

  • Service interfaces

  • Tasks

  • Processes

You make the reusable elements available by creating and importing them. You can use them to represent different steps in the process models, which you create with the process composer. For example, you can use a task to create a human activity from it. It represents a step in the process where a human action is needed for the process to continue.

For more information about projects, see Creating a Project .


A process in the process composer contains all the graphical elements and the connections between them that together form one process model. These elements, specified by BPMN are the following:

  • Flow objects

  • Connection objects

  • Artifacts

  • Swimlanes

You place the necessary objects representing the process steps and connect them in the sequence in which they are executed in the process.

The process can contain another referenced subprocess, which allows you to model processes with different granularity.

For more information about processes, see Creating a Process .