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BAdI: Partitioning Semantically Partitioned ObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Business Add-In (BAdI) RSLPO_BADI_PARTITIONING helps you to repartition semantically partitioned objects.

You can use this BAdIs to automate repartitioning, meaning that you do not need to change partitioning properties manually any more.

For information about how to use Business Add-Ins (BAdIs), see: Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)

In this BAdI, you can implement the following properties:

  • The number of partitions and their order

  • The partition criteria and the texts in various languages

  • The DTPs to be generated for new partitions

Implementing the Methods

For the implementation of methods in the BAdI interface, you have the following options:

  • You can enter the partition criteria directly in the coding.

  • You can calculate the partition criteria dynamically, using the system data for example.

  • You can read the partition criteria from your own control tables.

Adjusting the Semantically Partitioned Object

Once you have implemented the BAdI, there are two options for adjusting the semantically partitioned object according to the BAdI:

  • Manually in the editing screen for the semantically partitioned object: Under Change Partitions, you can select the BAdI-Implementierung under Build Version As.

  • Automated using a program: You can regularly schedule program RSLPO_MASS_ACT via a process chain. To do this, choose process type ABAP Program in the Process Chain Maintenance transaction and enter program RSLPO_MASS_ACT. The program checks which semantically partitioned objects that have been implemented for the BAdI implementiert have to be adjusted. You have to select which objects should be adjusted. These are then adjusted and activated in the background. Program RSLPO_MASS_ACT has a transport connection.

  • Program RSLPO_MASS_ACT_BDG can also be used to apply the BAdI implementation in process chains. In the program variant, specify which semantically partitioned objects you want to perform the BAdI adustment for. If you do not enter anything here, all semantically partitioned objects with a BAdI implementation will be processed. For the selected semantically partitioned objects that have a BAdI implementation, the program checks whether adjustment is required, and performs the adjustment if this is the case. This process runs in the background. To run the program in a system that is locked against changes, see SAP Note 1842932 Information published on SAP site.