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Using Federated Search in a Federated Portal NetworkLocate this document in the navigation structure


By default, the Knowledge Management (KM) search feature returns results for a search query from the local portal installation. In a federated portal network, you can configure a consumer portal to include other registered producer portals in its search queries. Thus, when you create a single search query in a federated portal network, you may receive search results from multiple portals.


You can configure the search so that search queries are sent to all producer portals. For more information, see Configuring a Search in a Federated Portal in the SAP NetWeaver Knowledge Management documentation.


If the consumer portal is not configured as described, the search queries only the local portal. In addition, if the federated search feature is activated, you cannot configure which subset of producer portals is queried.


When using the KM federated search feature at runtime, the search results are displayed on several tab pages. The first tab page contains the list of search results for the current portal. A separate tab page is displayed for each producer portal. The tab page for a producer portal displays the same results list as you would see if you were to run a standard search in the local portal.