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Monitoring tool for load processes and data transfer processes in BW.


You use this tool to monitor data requests and data processing in BW.

To call the monitor, go to Administration in the Data Warehousing Workbench and choose Monitors. The system displays the data requests for the selected period.

From an object tree in the Data Warehousing Workbench (Modeling functional area), select the required object and choose Call Monitor in the object tree's toolbar to access the monitor. The system displays the data requests for this object for the selected period.


The following sections describe the monitor for load processes. For more information about the monitor for data transfer processes, seeMonitor.

When you call the monitor, the data request overview screen appears. The system displays the overview in an overview tree. By choosing Monitor → Configure Tree you can customize the tree display using drag and drop. To display the details screen for a request (header information, status information, and detailed information), select the required request. When you call the monitor for a specific request, the details screen appears immediately.

On the various levels in the detail display, the system displays the data processing status for the corresponding request.


Under Environment in the monitor details screen, you can find the most important markers for localizing an error that has not been logged by an error message. You can also use thewizard to localize errors.