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Control Size of Flow Objects While Creating

If you create flow objects with the speed buttons, the flow objects are created in a standard size. It is the same if you create flow objects by selecting the flow object from the palette and click into the process canvas.

You can control the size of the flow object, if you select the flow object from palette, drag it into the process canvas and draw it in the desired size.

Modeling Drafts of Processes Without Error Messages

To model drafts of processes, use the Process Modeling perspective. Process models created in the Process Modeling perspective are not checked for errors and constraint violations and do not contain error markers. These process models are always created in status Draft , which can be changed to Released to Build in the Process Development perspective only. The process model can be built after the Released to Build status is set.

To see all details, for example, the input and output mapping of activities, you need to model your process in the Process Development perspective. There are two ways to model processes without getting warnings and error messages in the Process Development perspective:

  • Model the process in an inactive pool.

    To make the pool inactive, select the pool in the process canvas, and in the pool's Properties tab, deselect the Make this pool active (other pool become inactive) option.

  • Deactivate the automatic built.

    To deactivate the automatic built, in the Project menu, deselect the Build Automatically function.


    We do not recommend to deactivate the automatic built because problems can occur while importing WSDL files.